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Research Areas

Several phenomena have a common characteristic of evolution adaptation. The equations that describe them have been intensively studied. This line develops applications that are based on these equations, stimulating the interdisciplinary investigation with emphasis on problems of oceanic and atmospheric circulation, dispersion of pollutants and meteorological forecast.

This is a line of research well established in the LNCC and has originated a series of multidisciplinary projects involving strong content of modeling, analysis and computation.

The basic objectives of this line are summarized in advance the knowledge in the areas of bioinformatics, genomics, Models of biological systems (micro and macro-systems), molecular modeling and bio-complexity.

This line of research is focused on investigating important problems of control and filtering of signals in dynamic systems. Emphasis is given to fundamental theoretical questions as well as applications in important practical problems.

This line has two main axes. One which refers to the development of algorithms and visualization for the solution of nonlinear and complex systems, and another that focuses on the development of modern computation techniques of high performance computing.

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